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Hi, I’m Charles Uneze, now, an Information Technology student. I still freelance as a Copywriter. That’s the only reason why I started this blog to share topics I’m struggling with on this Network Developer journey I’ve begun. I love teaching so I can learn better. On the blog, I describe some challenging subjects to myself. I live in the Nigerian city of Lagos.


Thoughts about the CCNA OCG’s Part IV (IPv4 Addressing)

Hi buddies! Greetings from Lagos, Nigeria. I just finished Part IV of the CCNA OCG recently, and I have to say that those chapters are so good! In order to improve my comprehension, I personally love how the authors break up the concept of IPv4 addressing in general coupled with repetitive questions. Ok, apart from […]

This Spanning Tree Protocol Question Broke Me

Hello guys, it’s Monday again! Hope you had a smile on your face when you realised that it was Monday, if you didn’t, well, you should begin to reconsider the company you own or work for. Anyway, I was spending the weekend studying Part IV (IPv4 addressing) of the CCNA & also a bit about […]

Weekend Musing (DevNet Create)

Hello, friends. Greetings from Lagos, Nigeria. So DevNet Create happened 3 days ago, and it was awesome! I spent a bit of my time on the Start Now channel since the whole automation technology still feels new to me. I even took up the “Capture the Flag” challenge. The Python Challenge was nice, I got […]


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